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Frequently Asked Questions about Al Khobar hotels



1.What is the location of Khobar or Al Khobar ?


Al Khobar is located the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the Persian Gulf


2. How many hotels are there in Al Khobar ?


In Al Khobar there are about 10 hotels to be booked online. You can also book hotels in Saudi Arabia in other cities, like hotels in Jeddah, Mecca, Yanbu, Medina and Riyadh. These cities can be found on the website Hotels in Saudi Arabia


3. Which are the famous shopping malls in Al Khobar ?


These shopping malls are: Al-Rashid Mall, Dhahran Mall, Jarer Mall, Fouad Center, Giant Stores and Juma'ah Center.


4. How do I find the price for a specific hotel in Al Khobar?


Please select the hotel of your choice and dates of your stay, then click on "check availability" and the prices will be displayed for the rooms that are available.


5. What does the price include of a hotel room in Al Khobar ?


Below the room type there is a list of what is included in the room price. All extra facilities that are not included in this list have to be arranged directly with the hotel after making your reservation. For example parking, shuttle bus service, taxi etc.).

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